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Effects: Giggly, Relaxing, Sleepy

THC: 20%

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Trump OG is a hybrid strain with a strong indica dominance that was produced by mating the notorious OG Kush with Presidential OG. Don’t let the fact that you didn’t vote for him affect your assessment of this hilarious bud! Your perspective on our president-elect will be altered by its extremely high average THC level of 20.5% and wide range of head and body effects.

What to expect from Trump OG Strain

Trump OG is intense; he approaches you gently and uses a strong sedative to catch you off guard. Your mind will lapse into a profound reflection as you are lowered into a drowsy, relaxed condition, leaving you aloof and unfocused. On the other hand, you might all of a sudden start talking and laughing at everything and nothing in particular. You’ll eventually descend into a heavy, drowsy condition that will quickly induce profound sleep.

Benefits of  Trump OG Strain


With these benefits combined with a high THC content, Trump OG is the ideal strain to combat the symptoms of exhaustion, migraines, chronic pain, and insomnia. Trump OG boasts an incredibly smooth exhale and a musky fruity flavor with notes of sweet citrus and herbs. Spicy herbs and strong lemony citrus scents are present. Trump OG buds feature a layer of small amber-colored crystal trichomes and are covered in extremely sticky, fluffy, forest green grape-shaped long thin orange hairs.



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