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Effects: Relaxed, Dry Mouth, Hungry, Happy, Dry Eyes and Giggly.

THC 34%

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Buy Sleepy Joe OG Strain Online

The strain offers a tremendous burst of exhilaration and inventiveness together with strong physical effects in its unique long-lasting high. It is important to not undervalue the narcotic and potent effect, which even seasoned users with a strong tolerance find surprising. With an astoundingly high THC level of up to 34%, Sleepy Joe has a highly unique cannabinoid profile that can overwhelm you.

The variety’s plants grow to a moderate height, are bushy, and are hardy enough to thrive indoors without taking up a lot of room. They produce an abundance of huge flowers with a scent that could become addicting and an above-average resin output. It smells and tastes like juicy lemons and fresh strawberries.


Half Ounce (14g), Ounce (28g), Quarter Pound, Half Pound, 1Pound


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